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Filmserien "MAKTA" på NRK1 hadde nettopp premiere (29 oktober 2023) og har mange scener fra Chesterfield-butikken i Hølen.
"MAKTA" handler om Arbeiderpartiets intense maktkamp på 70-tallet hvor møbelhandleren på Jessheim, Arvid Engen, også kalt "Edderkoppen" manipulerte politikerne etter alle kunstens regler. Filmserien vant i år prisen som "beste filmserie" i Cannes i Frankrike.
Chesterfield Norge AS lot NRK1 bruke møbelutsalget i Hølen til innspillingen og du kan se Chesterfieldbutikken "live" fra innsiden ved å se filmserien på NRK1 som nå ligger tilgjengelig på NRK1 sine nettsider. 
Lim inn linken nedenfor for å se serien:

Vestby Avis har skrevet en morsom artikkel om saken. følg linken:

The Chesterfield style is the most famous and recognizable furniture in the world. With its luxurious leather, deep buttons, low back and high arms, this characteristic style has graduated from gentlemen's clubs in the ancient British Empire, to become a popular home furniture in all corners of the world.

Between the 16th and 19th centuries, British territories and colonies conquered the world, forming what would become known as the British Empire. Wherever the British went, they also brought their favorite Chesterfields. The sofa became firmly linked to luxury and quality for designers worldwide, and continued to appear in homes, offices, clubs, restaurants and other places where a hint of upper class was needed.

Chesterfield sofas became natural in luxurious home and master clubs in London, providing a comfortable setting for the city's most influential men to sit and talk about. These exclusive clubs played an important role in the British Empire and were offered in place where decision makers could discuss, relax and socialize. In a Chesterfield chair You can use both arms and the back of the chair as seats when the club was crowded. This means that a single chair can support up to 4 people.

The style is named after Lord Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773), who was one of Britain's wealthy aristocratic classes. The Earl was widely known as a trendsetter of his time, some looking at the latest styles and styles. In his home, these special sofas were widely admired, to the point where many guests had their own versions made. Since this style didn't have the name that time, people gradually began to mention the "Chesterfield sofas".  
Early Chesterfield furniture was filled with horse horses and used tufting to keep it in place. Without suspension systems, the seats of the first sofas were much more rigid to sit on. 
But in Victorian times, both frameworks and materials were radically changed, and many of the luxurious features we saw today were added. Finally, Chesterfield had developed into the exclusive, durable and cozy couch we know today.

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